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5. DALeast - DUMBO

Coinciding with the 10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003-2013 exhibit at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan last summer, DALeast was commissioned as part of the DUMBO Walls project. DALeast and his wife and fellow street artist Faith47 took on opposite walls beneath a Brooklyn-Queens Expressway underpass on the corner of York and Pearl Street as their canvases. While his work didn’t incorporate much color, DALeast still brought a vibrant energy with his signature grayscale swirling line style, painting of a herd of galloping deer, which created great contrast with the red brick wall it had been applied to. Head to DUMBO to check it out, and then visit Jonathan LeVine Gallery to see DALeast’s latest solo exhibit, The Laten Photon before October 4.

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