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The 8 Songs That Houston Rap Fans Love

In fact, Houston may be exceptional in its love for local hip-hop. During the Paul Wall-fueled boom of ’05, the world glimpsed a city that seemed almost exotic. The city has a deep and complex canon of local heroes who are essentially unknown elsewhere.

Every city has songs you have to be born there to really appreciate. Play some Bump J in Chicago and you’re guaranteed to get the crowd hyped; likewise if you’re a DJ in the Bay Area with Mac Dre in your playlist. Meanwhile, if you’re a DJ in New York City who spins a lot of Mac Dre, you’ll probably get booed.

To get a true look inside Houston’s hip-hop scene, you need to know music only a hardcore Houston head would know. That's where we come in. Behold, eight songs guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any H-Town rap fan according to local DJs and music fans. Many thanks to Brandon Caldwell, Adam Bonfilio, Brian Richards, Roosh Williams, our Twitter people, and all the other Houston natives we talked to and polled for this story.

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