The Apple Watch Was Actually Invented 30 Years Ago

Whether you’re a computer nerd or a casual user of Apple products, you’ll geek at the OG tech company’s original imaginations of their computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

While Steve Jobs was Apple’s chief designer for the bulk of its come up, Frog Design’s founder Hartmut Esslinger can be credited to these original prototype designs. The photos come from Esslinger’s book, Keep It Simple, in which the designer discusses the collaboration with Steve Jobs and shares their never-before-seen models.

He also helped create the “Snow White design language” (horizontal stripes for decoration and rounded corners to create an illusion of a smaller product) that was applied to all Apple product lines for a chunk of the late '80s. Each computer mock-up was named after one of the Seven Dwarves; the yellow and blue Macintosh precursor was named “Happy,” while the minimal 1982 concept of the Macbook was dubbed “Bashful.”

While some prototypes loosely resemble their end results, the others look like bizarre space gadgets. But even the wackiest illustrate the the innovators’ forward thinking; apparently, the concepts for some of today’s most cutting-edge technology, like the iPhone and the Apple Watch, were conjured up thirty years ago.

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