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What was the concept of your Mini Mural?
My original idea was to pay tribute to the history of the neighborhood with a 1950s style portrait, but I had to take a detour from that idea a bit when I saw the box in person. The panel/door that protrudes from the front of the box would have been right in the face of the portrait that I wanted to paint. So, the "selfie box" was born. In the area, many of the older homes are being torn down and new modern homes are being built. The box is also a mix of old and new, with her classic styling mixed with modern technology.
I found a model (Sofia) and lined up a photo shoot, spent about a month cutting stencils, and then painted it over two days in the brutal Texas sun. The box is now an homage to the past and present of the neighborhood.

What do you have planned for the Beyond the Box show?
I've been working on several new paintings and will be showing those, as well as a couple of older pieces. I will also have a few photographs of my street installations and even some of my photo tiles. The tiles are a mix of classic black and white photo chemistry and stenciled aerosol, developed in my darkroom. I enjoy working in different mediums. I'm hoping that comes through in the pieces in the show.

Do you have any tips or advice that you can pass on from this experience for local artists or emerging artists?
Measure twice, cut once!

What's Houston like for artists?
We have a relatively low cost of living coupled with growing arts districts and studio spaces. Because of this I believe that Houston is a pretty great city for artists. I think the one thing that we had been lacking was public art, but that has been changing, the Mini Murals program being one example. We still have a ways to go before we are on par with LA or NY, but I think it is coming

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