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2. Mr. D

What was the concept of your Mini Mural?
The concept was to start "tagging" each box, since they often get tagged. Then I used the shapes from the initial tagging to create abstract forms with a colorful and attractive color palette. By doing this I was able to turn the initial "vandalism" into acclaimed and positive contemporary art, hence the title Couleurs de rue or Colors of the street.

The traffic signal cabinet is by far one of the smallest surfaces that I have ever painted as a mural artist. I thought going from the biggest mural in Houston to the "smallest" would be an interesting challenge for me. I also sincerely feel like this will benefit Houston and the art community, which is why I wanted to be supportive and contribute.

What do you have planned for the Beyond the Box show?
For the show I am planning on continuing with the box shape and concept. I will have work from my "AmeriCAN graffiti" series on display from my upcoming solo exhibition on October 8, with BMW in Houston.

Do you have any tips or advice that you can pass on from this experience for local artists or emerging artists?
After almost 30 years in the art biz, I have seen it change a lot. My biggest piece of advice for an emerging artist, or any artist really, is to not get caught up in the drama and politics of the art world. It is very “sharky” waters.

Do what you believe is right and do what makes you happy. Do not neglect the business aspect of being an artist, as that is what keeps the story going. Unless of course you want to fall victim to the starving artist cliche.

What's Houston like for artists?
Houston is a growing city and the art scene is growing as well. There is room for everyone, but keep in mind that it is a competitive industry where many skill sets are required to make it.

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