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3. Wiley Robertson

What was the concept of your Mini Mural?
My concept was to spread the message of love by colorfully decorating each side of the box with my own personal message of love.

What do you have planned for the Beyond the Box show?

I have a few love signs that you will see nailed up on telephone poles around Houston. Those pieces, as well as a few new pieces painted on wood, will be on display.

Do you have any tips or advice that you can pass on from this experience for local artists or emerging artists?

As far as advice goes, art is a funny thing because you can blaze your own trail and there isn't a map to success that fits everyone. Love what you do, and really work hard at getting your name out there, whether you're tagging your name around the city or getting in every art show and killing it. It's impossible to be the best artist, as there will always be someone better, but it is possible to be the hardest-working artist. I think that once you become that, you will find success.

What's Houston like for artists?

Houston is a great city for artists because we are not LA or NY; there are more opportunities here because there are fewer artists per capita. The economy is thriving here, that in turn allows for more opportunities for artists, whether it’s a new business needing a mural or a grant opportunity through the local government.

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