The Best of CES: Cerevo XON SNOW-1 Smart Bindings

The future of snowboarding is officially here: Japanese electronic company Cerevo unveiled the world's first smart bindings at CES, a futuristic-looking accessory which analyzes all facets of your snowboarding and sends them to your smartphone.

Equipped with four load sensors (two at the bottom of each foot) and two flex sensors that attach to either side of the board, the XON SNOW-1 connects wirelessly to iOS and Android apps via Bluetooth 4.0. After each ride, visualized data can be tracked in real time allowing riders to improve their technique on the spot. This means adjustments in weight balance, center of gravity, and board bend. The video overlay function provides another form of data by recording GPS and acceleration of movement. Even the built-in LED strobes on the toe and heel are functional and can be used to correct riding position.

All this technology makes it easy to check your snowboarding style and improve it before your next run. And the sleek design of the futuristic bindings make them easy on the eyes too.

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