The Best Titanfall Merch To Get Right Now For Titanfall 2

In advance of the much-hyped release of Titanfall 2, Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Doritos have partnered to deliver codes that unlock certain features, including the special one-on-one mode Coliseum.

Copping the game at the local Gamestop during a midnight launch boosts gamer cred. But it’s nothing like building out a collection filled with momentos. Titanfall 2 is already launching a ton of collectible buzz as a bunch of treasures from exclusive clothing lines to special-edition accessories hit the market in anticipation of its release.

Some of these might get you to Level 50 faster than expected. Others might just make you look fly at the next big gaming convention. Stock up on codes in advance via select Mountain Dew Game Fuel or Doritos products*, and check out some of this special TF2 merch that true fans can cop. 17+.

*Ends 12/31/16. Terms:

Titanfall 2 Official Wired ControllerTitanfall 2 Official Wired Controller

While an officially licensed Xbox Elite Controller would have been sick, fans can still be appreciative of this customizable gamepad from PDP. Premium ALPS analog sticks lock your thumbs in during intense battles, where as audio commands adjust game chat levels without interruptions. Vibration feedback and impulse triggers only immerse you deeper into the warzone. $59.99 at Gamestop.

Titanfall 2 Pilot Bomber JacketTitanfall Pilot Bomber Jacket

Millennials might find gamer gear more fashionable if it was part of a Kith collection. But on the real, Merchoid did an impressive job fine-threading this olive green bomber jacket. Each one comes printed with its very own issue number and pilot badge, making you part of the squadron. Rep the IMC or Militia, or stitch your own insignia to showcase your authentic pilot credentials. $59.99 at Merchoid.

Titanfall 2 Titan 10-in Deluxe FigureTitanfall 2 Titan 10-in Deluxe Figures

McFarlane Toys is the Mecca of collectible figurines, and recently the elite toy manufacturer announced its plans to launch a series inspired by the sequel. Try getting your hands on the 7-inch Pilot figurine or 10-inch Titan with 3-inch Pilot—each one bundled with unlockable in game content. Expect each model to be sculpted to perfection, as with all McFarlane memorabilia.
$39.99 at Gamestop

Frontier’s Edge “A” Logo Cap

Titanfall 2- Frontier’s Edge A Logo Cap

Far from your average New Era fitted, this limited edition Frontier cap is made from 100% cotton and is in high demand with limited quantities available online at the moment. Make a fashion statement by pairing it with any grey and black hoodie and a pair of Retro Wool Jordan 12’s. $24.99 at Merchoid.

Titanfall 2 Funko PopsTitanfall 2 Funko Pops

In the world of collectibles, Funko Pops are considered the upper echelon of geekdom. Pop! Games will release its own set of Titanfall 2 figures that includes a 2” Titan buddy and your choice of character from Jack Cooper, Sarah, or Commander Blisk, with GameStop offering its own exclusive Atlas and Pilot Pop figure. You already know how quick these sell out, so keep the Funko site on your radar for further updates. Available in December 2016.

Titanfall 2 Wired Chat HeadsetTitanfall 2 Wired Chat Headset

Throwing you into the cockpit of your mech is PDP’s noise-cancelling headset. Take in the audio details of your surroundings thanks to 30mm neodymium drivers and communicate clearly with teammates via flexible boom microphone. Connect it directly to a controller or enable in-line chat volume and mute controls directly on the headset.
$24.99 at PDP.

Titanfall- Evolve or Die HoodieTitanfall: Evolve or Die Hoodie

A space age hoodie with urban swag, the design is uniformed to appease any faction of your choosing. Throw your iPhone in the external feature pocket, never compromising style when out and about. Sport it while chilling at home or at the next Comic-Con Convention. $59.99 at Merchoid.

Titanfall 2 Collector’s Edition Series 1 and Series 2Titanfall 2 Collectors Editions

Nowadays, every major release gets the collector’s edition treatment. And if the budget allows you to splurge on something this holiday season, go for broke on either of these one-off releases. Which one? That’s your call. Both versions come loaded with bonuses including the following:

Series 1
Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition
Titanfall 2 Illuminated Pilot Bust
• Pilot SRS Field Journal
• Exclusive Mini Prints
• Paracord Survival Bracelet
• Squad Morale Patches

Series 2
Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition
• Dog Tag Flash Drive
• Pilot SRS Field Journal
Titanfall 2 Vanguard Pilot Helmet Replica
• Squad Morale Patches and Vanguard Shemagh Scarf

$159.99 (Series 1) at Gamestop and $249.95 (Series 2) at Newegg.

Titanfall 2 Officially Licensed OGIO Backpack

Titanfall 2 Officially Licensed OGIO Backpack
For the Titanfall enthusiast looking to lug his controllers and headsets around in between tournament matches, strap on this officially licensed backpack. Tag the front of your bag with several velcro badges and store your 17-inch gaming laptop when hitting the road. $99.99 at Amazon.

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