The DTV Shredder: a Skateboard Crossed With an ATV Crossed With a Tank

If it’s getting a little too hot for street skating this summer, inventor and edge seeker Ben Gulak’s DTV Shredder could help you go offroad.

Gulak’s company, BPG Werk, has the stated objective of “making the outdoors your personal terrain park.” To do this, they’ve created the “DTV Shredder,” a mix between an ATV, skateboard, and a tank.

The construction is quite simple: the traditional skate deck and trucks have been fitted with two tank treads and a powerful engine (15hp 200cc Honda) underneath to give you push and traction in just about any terrain you can think of, and can be customized for just about any purpose.

“Our objective was to develop a steering and control system that captured the rider’s natural body movements for inputs instead of using traditional controls,” says the website.

But it doesn’t end there. The BPG Werk team’s next mission was to build a Shredder light and fast enough to get off the ground for tricks: the Shredzilla.

They brought in professional jetskiers Zack Bright, Ryan Solomon, and Mark Bright, who start out with some practice runs over a giant foam pit. The Shredzilla’s 48-horsepower engine helps it go upwards of 60mph. Astonishingly, the crew managed to land a clean backflip on the Shredzilla during their first try.

Whether trying to make your escape during a compromised espionage trip á la James Bond (of course) or simply looking for more things to do outdoors, the DTV Shredder is definitely worth a look. While it’s capable of managing most terrains, it’s light and compact enough to fit and store in the trunk of your car.

For more info, check out BPG Werks website.

Images: BPG Werks

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