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Adios, Discman: The Evolution of Portable Music Devices

We’ve come a long way since the days of CD players and first generation iPods. Some of you have probably never seen a cassette tape in your lives. Still, there’s an advantage to understanding the origins of the tech you’re used to today so you can be prepared for the exciting advancements of tomorrow. We’re not saying you should head over to eBay to cop a 20-year-old Sony CD Walkman, but it’s worth knowing that these things used to be the only way you were going to listen to Nas’s Illmatic album on your subway ride home.

Head back in time with us as we skip a few tracks back into the history of the portable music device. The next time you’re complaining about the generation of your iPod Touch, just know you could have been way worse off if you were born just a few decades earlier.

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