The Future of Basketball Training: ShotTracker and The Wilson X Connected Basketball

The Golden State Warriors have been exhibiting basketball wizardry this season, following their surge to win the 2015 NBA Championship earlier this year. Many have been wondering how they're able to keep their immaculate playoff run going into the next season, resulting in a history-making and record breaking 23-0 run. Steph Curry might be getting most of the shine in the nightly highlight reels, but Klay Thompson, the other half of the "Splash Brothers" duo, is also contributing heavily to the success of the reigning NBA champs. He's one of the league's premiere shooters, and one way that he has remained successful is by training with ShotTracker.


ShotTracker is a basketball training app and equipment combo that helps to improve not only your shooting percentages but will also help you to improve your shooting mechanics.

ShotTracker features three components: the wrist sensor, net sensor, and the ShotTracker app. All three components work together to provide a comprehensive breakdown of how you shoot. The app additionally provides a number of drills and workouts that track your progress and help to identify problem areas in your game. All of these elements converge resulting in it being a prospective impetus for all around on-court improvement. ShotTracker also allows you to share your stats with friends and the rest of the ShotTracker community.

Wilson X Connected Basketball

Another invention that may prove integral to becoming a better baller on the court is the innovative Wilson X Connected Basketball. Utilizing a Bluetooth connection, the Wilson X Connected Basketball tracks your every move on the court and provides a thoroughly interactive training experience. Allowing you to play on any court you desire, the app boasts four different modes: Free Range, Free Throw, Buzzer Beater, and Game Time. Each mode offers an opportunity to train in a variety of different ways. You can just shootaround, practice for those late-game clutch scenarios, take it to the charity stripe, or compete against a virtual opponent for a full 48:00.

ShotTracker and the Wilson X Connected Basketball represent a shift in the world of training. The days of keeping track of stats with pencils and notepads are as antiquated as they sound. These two companies are leading the charge in understanding and breaking down the steps that individual players and teams need to take things to the next level. Who knows what could happen if you go as far as pairing the two apps with each other for the ultimate training regimen.

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