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The Green Label Rap Power Rankings, April 2015

As long as there’s been hip-hop, rappers have been trying to prove they’re the best. In the same way ESPN keeps a running Power Rankings, every month we’ll survey the hip-hop landscape and rank the ten artists making the most powerful moves. The first-place getter gets 10 points; the last-place getter gets only one. Frankly, our exact formula’s a secret—a complicated secret, and it has to be complicated. Sports is a pure numbers game, but music is about so much more.

It's hard to believe, but we're now four months deep into the Green Label Rap Power Rankings. That's an entire quarter-year now, and looking back at previous months, the Power Rankings tell the story of the rap game in 2015.

April's Power Rankings show some jockeying for position between three heavyweights—Jay, Drake, and Kendrick—but for the first time this year, there's no artist making their debut. There are one or two exceptions—worth keeping an eye on—but April was largely the month of the veteran, a true reflection of who’s really got power in hip-hop right now.

So who came out on top? Come find out…

Images: @psimdope

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