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The Rap Power Rankings, September 2015

As long as there’s been hip-hop, rappers have been trying to prove they’re the best. In the same way ESPN keeps a running Power Rankings, every month we survey the hip-hop landscape and rank the ten artists making the most powerful moves. The first-place getter gets 10 points; the last-place getter gets only one. Frankly, our exact formula’s a secret—a complicated secret, and it has to be complicated. Sports is a pure numbers game, but music is about so much more.

There have been some pretty major shakeups in this month's rankings. The truly heavy hitters are still very much alive and well, but a new name comes in at number one, while some other new faces make a serious push for the top spots. You can never rest easy in rap—come inside to find out how the game shook out last month.

Images: @psimdope

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