The Hundreds Recreates Back to the Future II with New Collection

As October 21, 2015, approaches Los Angeles purveyors of top tier conceptual streetwear collections, The Hundreds, have unveiled a collection inspired by Back to the Future II.

The Los Angeles brand reimagines his "alphet" as if it were originally designed by the folks at The Hundreds. Founder Bobby Hundred's love for the film exudes from the collection.

The most memorable of pieces from Marty McFly's wardrobe are included and are updated with modern silhouettes and tailoring incorporated to provide a fit perfect for 2015: his unmistakable red bubble vest, a jacket inspired by his self-drying jacket, Marty's denim getup, and a The Hundreds themed take on his iridescent cap.

In addition to the Marty inspired capsule collection customers can also expect a series of tees and other tops to round out the upcoming collection that also take inspiration from different iconic elements from the film. Head over to The Hundreds online shop or retail locations beginning October 21 to get your hands on the new fall collection.

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