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The Most Regrettable Rapper Tattoos Of All Time

Rappers and tattoos go together like beats and rhymes. It’s rare that you see one without the other. Your favorite rapper probably has at least some semblance of body art on his or her flesh, and many have seen more ink than an octopus.

Some tattoos are good and some are just downright terribly, horribly, and regrettably bad. The former is something along the lines of Tupac’s infamous “Thug Life” tattoo. The abdominal tat was simple, declarative, well done, and could be covered up with just about anything besides a crop top.

Many are poorly drawn and most have either been crossed out and/or covered up. Whatever the case, all of them are prominently placed, permanently visible mistakes. Hopefully their parents will understand. Here is our list of the most regrettable rapper tattoos of all time.

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