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A Look at the New Wave of Houston Rap

The hip-hop legacy of Houston has a rich history from the breakout days of Bun B and Pimp C — together forming the legendary Dirty South duo UGK — to the solo success of the Geto Boys’ prime emcee, Scarface. Those guys, along with a host of other rappers throughout the years, laid down a blueprint that has made H-Town one of the premier places to find legit hip-hop talent. Now that we’re four years deep into a new decade, the torch has been passed down to a new class of rising emcees worthy of holding it down for their generation.

We’ve noticed a lot of artists currently putting it down on the Space City scene, but the following 10 are a few fresh faces who would definitely make Pimp C proud. Take a look at the H-Town stompers of the new era, who are soon to be the future stars of southern rap. With the work they’ve been putting into their mixtapes, albums and live shows, we might be referring to them as legends 10 years from now.

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