The Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box Doubles as a Movie Projector

Pizza and movies are the ultimate combination. The folks at the Ogilvy and Mather ad agency know this and have created the new Blockbuster Box for Pizza Hut Hong Kong, a pizza-box-with-a-twist that offers an opportunity to combine your love for chowing down and sitting back to enjoy a nice short film. All you’ll need is your trusty smartphone, a tabletop, and a place to project your movie.

When you place an order for your pizza, you get to choose from one of four themed boxes. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, the genres of movies you can select from include horror, sci-fi, romance, or thriller. You may be asking, “So…how does a regular pizza box become a projector?” Well, when you get your pie you’ll notice that the pizza saver put in place to make sure your pizza doesn’t stick to the top of the box comes with a lens that will complete your DIY projector. Punch out the hole in the side of the box and fit the lens into it to get started.

In addition to instructions, on the side of your box you’ll find a QR code that will take you to the Pizza Hut website where you can check out the film of your choosing.

Once you’ve selected the film you can then flip your pizza saver over to create a stand for your phone and project the film onto a nearby wall or sheet. We don’t imagine that the films will be “summer blockbuster” caliber, so take the opportunity to use your new DIY projector to check out some of your favorite videos or movies, as long as they can be watched on your phone.

So far, the Blockbuster Box is only available in Hong Kong but something this cool has to hit US shores sometime soon!

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