“The Possibilities Are Endless”: Jermaine Harris on His Remix Project Experience

For the past several years, the Remix Project has provided a hands-on learning environment for those itching to enter the creative industries (recording arts, visual arts, and creative business) while furthering their formal education. With top-notch technologies and facilities, courtesy of sponsors like OVO, Jordan Brand, and Mountain Dew, the Remix Project has been internationally recognized as an award-winning program for fostering creative entrepreneurs and musicians.

With Chance the Rapper and Darryl Williams as notable success stories, the latest project to come from the program’s Chicago branch is Palace Sound, a twelve-person collective co-created by the Remix Project participant Jermaine Harris. They recently unveiled Palace Gates Vol. 1, their first musical release and “a taste of what’s to come on Jermaine’s first official album,” according to his manager Joe Jeffers.

He recently released “#Peacestation” under his artistic moniker Martian Peace Child. The track features UsaGold’s vocal assistance and production credits from Beverly, who are both Palace Sound members.

I caught up with 22-year-old Jermaine to learn about his experience in the Remix Project and how it’s shaping his career as a budding musician.

Tell me about how you got involved with the Remix Project and how it’s going so far.
This is my first year. Some friends told me that they were doing photography, and I applied for the music portion. We have workshops constantly throughout the week, and we meet a lot of great people. Vice, Warner Bros., Adobe, and a lot of other great people have come through and let us know what we can do to better ourselves.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned at the Remix Project that you wouldn’t learn in a conventional classroom?
Raw ambition. Figuring out who to surround yourself with, based on not only how well they’re doing, but also how far they’re willing to go for what they want. In a conventional classroom, I think you’re taught that you’ll be fine if you do just enough to get by, not realizing that afterward you may have to put in more work than you thought. It doesn’t even have to be something you’re doing musically; it can be applied to so many things. Sometimes, you go to school for something, but you’re not taught exactly how to move in that space and how to network with certain people. The Remix Project also teaches you how to look for what you can do for other people, rather than looking for how others can help you. It teaches you how to be involved in all the right ways.

How has it shaped your music career?
It’s made me realize there are possibilities, you just have to be willing to search for them. It’s made me more determined, and it’s showed me that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. They present you with opportunity and teach you how to create opportunities for yourself.

How have you seen Mountain Dew’s contribution impact your experience?
Whenever we have a workshop, Mountain Dew always supplies us with drinks. Not only that, but whenever there’s a presenter for a workshop, a Mountain Dew representative is there as well. It’s important that they’re there seeing what’s going on, because they’re seeing what’s really happening and how to make future workshops better. Mountain Dew’s making sure everything’s done the right way.

What are you most looking forward to moving forward?
The possibilities are endless right now. It’s really exciting.

Image: Stolen Photography

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