The Simpsons and Akira Come Together for “Bartkira”; Animation Domination Ensues

The Simpsons have been a pop culture institution for over two decades, so they often get put together with other pop culture icons. The latest is a large scale project organized by artists James Harvey and Ryan Humphreys called Bartkira. As its name implies it places Simpsons characters in the world of Akira, the legendary Japanese manga series. The aim is to recreate all six Akira graphic novels by enlisting 768 other artists to each create six pages apiece, which will result in a ton of different styles. Bart will play Kaneda (not Akira, as the name would imply), Millhouse will be Tetsuo, and Ralph Wiggum will inhabit the role of Akira. The other characters and guidelines are here. Sadly there does not appear to be a place for Otto the bus driver in this new world.

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