The Spot: A Ma Manière, Atlanta

Until recently, A Ma Manière (translated as “My Way” in French) was best known for its collection of streetwear and footwear, but now owner James Whitner says they're gearing up to make a jump upmarket.

"We were packaged as a streetwear store because we carry sneakers, but as we continue to develop our brand and tell our story, you'll see that we're more geared towards menswear and couture.”

A Ma Manière is not the first store to be launched by Whitner: he is also the man behind Social Status, a store for shoppers who still look to their local brick and mortars as one of the last places to find exclusive brands. After Social Status became a hit, one store quickly turned into five, and from there A Ma Manière was born.

"Most of the brands we carry are super hard to find elsewhere," Whitner says.

One brand the store will be carrying in 2015 is A Bathing Ape, one of just a few in the U.S. to carry the line.

A Ma Manière is located at 969 Marietta Street NW Unit 200 Atlanta, GA 30318.

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