The time has come for Todd Falcon to fly again in a new video

It has been almost a year since skater Todd Falcon turned himself pro and left us with this YouTube gem. This post is not to report that there is a new one on the way, but more of a plea for more Falcon footage. Based on his previous clips, it is clear that Falcon is here for one thing, and one thing only: to invent new tricks. He is willing to sacrifice grace, poise, style, and apparently friends, to do it. Don’t hate on him just because he is filming himself alone in his garage! When was the last time you Falcon Stomped your board successfully?? Just because your skateboard has wheels doesn’t mean you have to use them. He is teaching us all about the love of inventing tricks. (Who cares if they’re tricks nobody else wants to learn?) Can’t you tell how much he is enjoying himself singing and dancing along to the Foo Fighters? He isn’t worried about haters. He’ll just be drinking tasty beverages out of a cup while he throws down tricks…NO LOOKING!
PS – Do yourself a favor and read some of the comments on YouTube!

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