The Very Best Releases Video for “Makes a King” With Assistance From Ethiopia Skate

The Very Best, a duo comprised of Johan Hugo and Esau Mwamwaya, are the epitome of global musicians. Mwamwaya is a Malawi-based artist who linked up with Swedish-based DJ/Producer Hugo in London when he was selling a bicycle. The rest is global-pop history.

While recording their latest album, Makes A KingThe Very Best had been working in Mwamwaya's hometown of Lilongwe, the capital of Malawai. However, to really move the project forward, Johan felt it necessary to get away from city life. The two decided to find a remote village five hours away from Lilongwe.

"We found a house about [a] five hour drive from the capital, in a village called M'dala Chikowa," Johan said. "It was an amazing experience recording there, especially because the community is half Christian, half Muslim. In a world often divided between the West and the 'other,' it was amazing to see people living in peace and harmony despite differences in religion and culture."

The village's ambience is displayed throughout Makes A King, too. The Very Best had assistance from local bands, and even used sounds from the village's lake on the album.

This multicultural sentiment isn't just relegated to their sound: in their new music video for "Makes A King," The Very Best reached out to the collective Ethiopia Skate, a youth-run skateboarding program that allows children who may not have the means to purchase a skateboard the opportunity to learn to ride.

The Very Best hopes that the "Makes A King" video will spread the word about Ethiopia Skate and encourage more people to donate. Watch it here.

You can donate to Ethiopia Skate here, and check out The Very Best on their U.S. tour this summer, including the Green Label/McCarren Park stage at the Northside Festival, in Brooklyn.

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