The Xpand Lacing System is a Game Changer

Whether you’re getting a morning run in, catching a tre-flip down a set, or driving down the lane to hammer it down like our boy Russell Westbrook, you know that the perfect footwear is essential. Not only do you need the right sneakers, but you also need to keep it snug but comfortable enough that they don’t limit your movement. Laces can rip, get frayed beyond repair, and can even become cumbersome.

The folks at Xpand Lacing System took all of that and more into consideration when developing the Xpand Lacing System. Utilizing “lace anchors” and “zero memory elastic laces” they’ve created a system for all ages that will change how you lace up your kicks, even reducing your bunny-ears time down to three to five seconds flat.

Funding just ended on the Kickstarter-based Xpand Lacing System campaign and thanks to a tremendous response you can place your pre-orders now.

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