These Third Kind Skateboard Lights Could Make For Safer Nighttime Riding

Being hit by a car sucks. Like, so, so much. (We’re talking from experience here.) And it happens with alarming frequency when you are out skateboarding at night. The problem is those reflective safety vest and wrist bands and blinkers that cyclists use are just lame and people that drive cars are oblivious to pretty much anything that isn’t shiny. Which is fine if you are one of those fundamentally lame spandex-clad goobers on two wheels but we’re not.

Fortunately, Florida’s Third Kind crew have developed a skateboard light—think ground-effects for your board—that screams, “Hey, look at me!’ while also screaming “Don’t run me over, pretty please, doofus!” But Third Kind need your help to take their brilliant idea from the prototype stage to an actual product protecting your crew from Mr. and Mrs. TextingWhileDriving.

That’s right folks, it’s Kickstarter time!

Manufacturing the battery/control pack, which mounts under your front truck, and is designed not to interfere with your ride isn’t just something you can do at your local Home Depot. So they need a little help getting this DIY affair up to speed. To that end, they have a great selection of rewards including light kits and a super-baller trip to the Third Kind-sponsored-Guajataka Downhill Skateboard Race in Puerto Rico. All though not getting hit by a car while you’re skating should be reward enough.

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