“This ain’t California” ain’t really a documentary either

While This Ain’t California technically came out last year, it is just now making its way stateside with an opening at Maysles Cinema in NYC this Friday, April 12. It was originally positioned as a documentary, until it was revealed that a good deal of the Super 8 and 16mm archival footage was, in fact, reenacted with actors in present day. Oh, and also the main character wasn’t a real person. Aside from those minor details, This Ain’t California covers the skate scene that developed in East Germany in the 1980s. The roots of the movement were similar to the ones in Southern California, but instead of rebelling against parents and conformity, the Germans were rebelling against the grip of the Iron Curtain and authoritarianism. However, that grip was ironically what kept the individuals into skateboarding and each other. When the wall came down, so did group’s passion for skating.

This Ain’t California runs at the Maysles Cinema from April 12 through 18.

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