This Neptune Smartwatch Comes With a Separate Pocket Screen

Bypassing the present cutting-edge technology, Quebec-based tech company Neptune has already created an updated version of the smartwatch, called the Hub, where according to them the “wrist rules” and “the pocket serves.”

Instead of a complementary device that performs as an extension of your smartphone, Neptune’s Hub is your smartphone with an optional pocket screen—just in case you need a little more real estate to work with.

At first look, the Hub is reminiscent of Nike’s Fuelband, and is loaded with a quadcore processor, support for 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and any other performance mechanisms ubiquitous to smartphones on today’s market. What makes it potentially cutting-edge, aside from the fact it could replace your smartphone, is the way the pocket screen connects to the Hub, which is via WiGig— a relatively new way of connecting wirelessly that is faster than traditional Bluetooth (but may have to work its way through penetrating walls).

The biggest question tailing Neptune’s Hub smartwatch launch is whether people are ready to part with current conventions of handheld phone devices altogether. Two processers may not be better than one, as Will.i.Am’s universally panned “Puls” two-part bracelet set showed, which seemed to think it could defy simplicity in its pursuit of cool.

Plus even though it was cool on Batman and Inspector Gadget, there’s still something goofy about talking into your wrist.

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