Visit Tiago Lemos’ Home, Local Skate Park, and Brazilian Skate Spot In 360-Degree Video

Brazilian sensation Tiago Lemos is taking the skating world by storm. At just 25-years-old, the breakout star has competed all over the globe, doing things on a skateboard that even the sport’s most renowned professionals can only dream of.

Here, we have three exclusive 360-degree videos that look inside Tiago’s old haunts, including his childhood home and a Campinas (Sao Paulo, Brazil) plaza he frequents with friends. The third clip shows Tiago landing a trick at Long Beach’s famed Cherry Park.

Be sure to also check out the Green Label-produced film documenting Tiago’s rise to superstardom, Guerreiro: The Tiago Lemos Story, which premieres at Dew Tour Long Beach this Friday, July 22, and will be available to watch online on Saturday, July 23.

Use the hand icon to scroll around and take a 360-degree video tour of Tiago Lemos’s childhood home in Jaguariúna, São Paolo.

Tiago and his friends skate this famous São Paolo spot at night, negotiating Portuguese rock and other gnarly obstacles. Use the hand icon to scroll around and check out the whole plaza in 360 degrees.

Tiago Lemos attempts a switch backside flip over a fire hydrant at Cherry Park in Long Beach, California. (Spoiler: He nails it on the last try.) Scroll around to see the entire park in 360 degrees.

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