Tilt Brush by Google: Artists and Ballers Test New Tech in Toronto

Many braved the frigid Toronto weather for a chance to test out Tilt Brush by Google, the latest in Virtual Reality splendor. Toronto’s Jarus and KWEST were joined by America’s Art Mobb and Mad Steez, with each of the four artists testing out the new 3D tech.

Some of the NBA’s best—including Russell Westbrook, Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo, CJ McCollum, and 2016 Dunk Contest champion Zach Lavine—and fans enjoying the weekend’s festivities, got a glimpse of the future of digital art, thanks to Mountain Dew, Dot Dot Dash, and Tilt Brush by Google.

Jarus and Art Mobb found that the tools within the app allowed for endless creativity, a sentiment echoed by the ballers that rolled through and gave Tilt Brush by Google a shot.

Check out some time-lapse videos below to see what it was like to paint in 3-D!



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