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8. Proving Ground

If you even bothered to give Proving Ground a chance after the letdown that Project 8 was, you would realize it was a little step up, but not by much. Instead of just becoming another wannabe pro with a shoe sponsor, you got to choose your own path. If you were in it for the money, you could hang with Arto Saari to compile some skate videos. If you were in it for the innovation and rigging kits out of nothing, you could hang with Jeff King to improve some local spots in Philly. And if you were in it for the love of the game and not the fame, then you could hang with Mike V. to conquer the major gaps. It was your choice. The game did give one last battle cry to reinvigorate the series—nail-the-trick wasn't enough, so Nail-the-Grab and Nail-the-Manual were the newest slow-mo additions. Not only that, but you now had the ability to skate-check any thug who came your way.

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