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4. Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Oh, man. Where do we get started with this one? From handicap Pauline nearly breaking your knee in the beginning to raising the dead at Mardi Gras and pantsing Nigel Beaver after blowing Skatopia sky high, Underground 2 has undoubtedly some of the most hilarious cut scenes of any game. It was also fun wreaking havoc with the game's additional slew of secret characters like Steve-O, Phil Margera, Ben Franklin, Jesse James, a bull fighter, Bigfoot and even Shrek. For the first time in the franchise, it was actually worth bailing. For every failed vert trick, you probably broke a skateboard over your head or at least threw it in frustration. It may not have been the most innovative installment, but it took wreaking havoc to a whole new level.

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