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The Top 10 Most Iconic Hip-Hop Chains of All Time

“Neck frozen.” “Ice on my neck.” These are common declarations laced within rap lyrics. Whether it’s VVS stones, platinum or 18k gold pendants, or their record label’s logo, the chain announces a status to solidify your standing on how much dough you bankroll. It’s an extension of a personality.

Purchasing a custom piece gives the artist a platform to test their design skills while a jeweler translates their vision into reality. This experience may not always turn out as planned. Do you really need a cereal box covered in stones?

But there are those who execute their piece so perfectly that the chain becomes a standalone figure in hip-hop. There’s the Jesus Piece; NIGO’s artillery that was the equivalent of eight Rolls-Royce Phantoms on his neck; and the simple double Cuban link chain that was referenced like its owner’s famous moniker. Anyone can drop some insane cash for jewelry, but it’s these ten gems that are cemented in history through imagery and song lyrics. They are classics in their own right.

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