Interview: Toronto Singer Pluto Welcomes Us to His World

A keyboard hums three drawn-out notes, abruptly grounded by thumping bass and the words of a broken-hearted suitor: “goosebumps from my arms take me back to the time you used to give me chills with kisses from behind.” Looking back at what was once a love story.

The song, “Cold Water,” is Toronto singer Pluto’s first release in over a year. His last EP, Jessica, which was also his debut project, chronicled the rise and fall of an emotionally taxing romantic relationship. Songs like “Heart Speak” articulate thoughts of being hopelessly in love, while “Breathe” is the bitter response to a knotty breakup.

After going 12-months without releasing any new music, the Toronto R&B artist is ready to hit the refresh button. Judging from “Cold Water,” his new sound continues similar themes from his past work (infatuation, heartache, and remembering), but added hip-hop influences and more daring melodies will take his music to new heights, sonically. Pluto and his team have been hard at work in the studio and have been consistently churning out heaters over the past few weeks. His most recent, “Crazy in Love,”  takes us through a passionate profession of his love for an anonymous lady. It seems Pluto is giving us tastes of what’s to come on his second project, Something You Shouldn’t Know, which drops this summer.

What’s your song-writing process like?
I definitely put myself in a certain mood before I start writing. I mean, I just write about me. I write about my personal experiences. It’s a big world so chances are if I’ve experienced something, someone else has experienced it too.

Is it ever difficult to share your feelings through your music, knowing they’ll be heard by a public audience?
I just do what I do and write what I want to write. It’s my craft, so I’m going to shape it my way. If somebody doesn’t like it, that’s fine. If they do, even better.

Were you always a singer?
Yeah, I grew up singing. I used to listen to a lot of Queen, so would always be singing their songs. I didn’t start officially recording full songs until I was 12, and then I got serious when I met [my producer] Kaz, when I was 16.

Let’s talk about your last EP, Jessica. A lot of that project was reflecting on the troubles in your relationship with her. I’d imagine that was hard for you.
Definitely. I started that EP right after the breakup, and that was like, the first love, so it impacted me the most. It was difficult, but it was therapeutic to get those things off my chest. At first I just wanted her to know how I felt, but then I wanted the world to know, so it changed from a one-person to message to a bigger, world message.

What can we expect from your upcoming project?
Honesty. It’s very personal, but this time we’re bringing some new and different sounds, along with better production. It’s called Something You Shouldn’t Know, and it’ll be released mid-summer of this year.

Image: YouTube

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