Street Photographer trashhand Presents Online Class and $100,000 Scholarship

In collaboration with VSCO, an art and technology company (and the guys behind those infamous photo filters seen all over Instagram), Chicago-based street photographer trashhand is offering a free photography class via Skillshare.

Titled “Capture the Life of Your City,” the skilled picture-snapper teaches the various techniques used in urban street photography, like “look up” portraits (shooting the camera at a subject above-head), motion blur, and night shots.

This isn’t the first Skillshare class trash hand has taught; in July, he launched a one-hour photography class explaining the techniques behind photo scouting and post-editing.

“Capture the Life of Your City” comes in 15 segments. It’s free of charge and available to members of the VSCO community. You can enroll here.

Skillshare, a learning tool for creators, allows its community members to take online classes, watch video lessons, make projects, or teach their own classes in a number of subjects (design, DIY, culinary, etc.) Their mission to provide universal access to education is promoted via a collaborative scholarship with VSCO, in which a $100,000 will grant 1,000 photographers access to all premium online Skillshare classes.

Whether it’s an entrepreneurship class called “Strategic Design: The Art and Science of Branding” or a beginner’s course on smartphone photography, Skillshare offers a vast range of offerings to fulfill any skill set. Anyone who has a VSCO Grid and Skillshare account is eligible to apply, and winners will be selected by Skillshare.

Trashhand is an esteemed street photographer who has done collaborative projects with artists and has been commissioned by major names in fashion and streetwear brands. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for more visual dopeness.

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