Interview: The Mountain Dew Skate Team Welcomes Trevor Colden

Just days after his 21st birthday, Virginia Beach-bred Trevor Colden finds out he’s the next skateboarding hopeful whose dream of riding for Mountain Dew’s skate team is about to come true.

He’s young, but ambitious, demonstrated by his impressive reel of skate clips that showcase his fearless style.

Whether he’s ripping boardslides down seven-block handrails or popping windshields over Toyota Corollas, Colden is the poster child for courageous creativity. Last year, he took home his first Dew Cup after flawlessly finessing his run at a Dew Tour streetstyle event.

When he reached the seventh grade, his love for skateboarding became impossible to ignore, and Colden left school to pursue his passion. Now, he’s joining the ranks of one of the most elite teams in skateboarding, hopping on board (no pun intended) with the Dew crew.

He was also the first to be featured in “Dew Tour Push”, a mini-documentary series launched by Dew Tour and the Berrics, where he heads to his hometown to reminisce on his days of dawn-to-dusk skate park sessions and filming amateur parts with friends.

Read on to see what Colden had to say about his early adopted love for skating and being the newest recruit to the Dew team.

How did you get picked?
I skate with [Sean] Malto, Paul [Rodriguez], and Theotis [Beasley] pretty often. I think Paul put in a good word because I was trying to get on Mountain Dew, and it all just kind of came together.

You also won the Brooklyn Dew Tour Skate Streetstyle Championships last year. What was that experience like?
It was super crazy because not only I had never done a Dew Tour contest, but it was also my first time being in a contest like that where it’s on a street and going down a hill. It was really fun.

Were you always into skateboarding growing up?
Pretty much. We moved to this neighborhood in Virginia when I was like, 10, and there was this kid, Bobby, who’s one of my good friends now. We would skate in his driveway. When my brother and I were walking around the neighborhood, we would mess around with him sometimes and I just picked it up from there.

Did you notice that it was something you were naturally good at from the jump?
I don’t think skating’s something you can really good at right off the bat. Everyone has to practice a lot in order to get comfortable, get your balance right, and everything like that.

You dropped out of school at a pretty young age. What pushed you to make that decision?
I wasn’t doing bad in school, I just couldn’t concentrate because I had gotten to this point where I couldn’t stop thinking about skating. I’d be in school, worrying about what my friends were doing at the skatepark, and it got to this point where I couldn’t focus in school anymore. I look at it as like, Yeah I dropped out of school, whatever, but I’m doing what I love so I’m good.

Do you have a favorite skate spot?
I love skating in downtown LA; it’s super fun. I love going back home too and skating all the old spots.

Do you have any skate inspirations?
Not really, actually. I don’t really look up to anyone, I just like to do my own thing.

When you’re not skateboarding, what are some other things you enjoy doing?
That’s a hard question. I mean, I skate all day. All day everyday. When I was back East I used to fish a lot, and I ride dirt bikes sometimes.

What are you most excited about moving forward in your career and as a new addition to the Dew team?
I’m looking forward to all the new experiences I’ll get to have, traveling with everyone, filming, and just being a part of the team. I’m excited.

Image via Thrasher Magazine

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