Greeting Card Maker “For the Trill of It” is Like A Hip-Hop Hallmark

A friend in the Green Label family just put us on to For the Trill of It, a company that presents illustrations of your favorite rappers accompanied by hilarious holiday-themed captions, like some kind of a hip-hop Hallmark

In February, they unveiled a trio of Yeezy-inspired Valentine’s Day cards ("Kanye Feel The Love Tonight?") and a “Can you be my trap queen?” card, featuring Fetty Wap himself, which set a new standard for asking someone on a date. This month, they can also supply you with sentimental greetings for Mother’s Day, including a note from Tupac (with lyrics from "Dear Mama") and another Kanye appearance, this time with lyrics from “Hey Mama.” There’s even a congratulations card, with words of encouragement from Drake—He’s so he’s so he’s so proud of you.

Stay tuned to their Instagram to see the greeting-card brilliance unfold. Might we suggest a Merry Krismas? (feat Kris from Kris-Kross) or a "Take It Eazy" card instead of "Get Well Soon"?

Prices range from $6.25 to $8 per card, and all products can be purchased via their Etsy shop.

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