Watch the Haunting Visuals for Tunji Ige’s “For Us”

As a 19-year-old, Philly native Tunji Ige quietly churns out hits from his Westchester University dorm basement. Last year, his remix of Michael Christmas’s “Day2Day” with iLoveMakonnen kicked off buzz, and by the time his debut record, The Love Project, hit the ’Net late last year, Ige had already been snatching the intrigue of music blogs and other press outlets.

His music is highly emotional, as most of his material deals with relationships and romance. He usually sticks to a relaxed musical recipe (dense beats plus synths plus buoyant hooks), but each of his tracks still carries its own distinct ethos. While the confident verses on “The Ex Song” reflect on life after a relationship, “For Us” positively cascades as Ige croons the hook, No love for us.

Ige recently unveiled some Glassface-directed visuals for the latter, bringing that ominous mood to life. After opening with 30 seconds of French commentary, noir style, the video takes us to a number of urban environments incorporating heavy symbolism, including masked trespassers and money burning in a fire pit.

The mood decelerates when Ige sings softly over the bridge, even nodding to his production space in the line, referencing his “basement in Pennsylvania.” In the track’s last leg, the song takes a sharp turn, switching up his lyrical flow while a 3D logo rotates into the screen.

You can watch the video for Tunji Ige’s video for “For Us” here and stream The Love Project here.

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