Turn Your Phone Into Your House Key With LAZYLOCKS

As a human adult attempting adulthood, I would probably kick in for this Indiegogo campaign: “LAZYLOCKS,” an invention that allows you to lock and unlock your crib from your phone.

I’m constantly losing important stuff, from monthly Metrocards to passports, and this way I’m less likely to end up sitting outside my apartment at 2 am, waiting to give some power-hungry locksmith 300 bucks I don’t have.

(Which I feel like is something 92% of the population can empathize with? The other 8%: locksmiths, obvs, and their partners in overpriced emergency service shakedowns, la cosa plumber.)

You can set this up yourself, “in five minutes, without any professional support,” which sounds good to me, and then you install the app, a process with which I am somewhat familiar.

It’s time to regain our independence from the locksmith mafia, guys: contribute to LAZYLOCKS Indiegogo campaign, here.


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lazy locks

lazy locks

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