TYGA and LA Gear Release “Black Nubuck LA Lights”

Legendary footwear brand LA Gear and “Rack City” rapper TYGA released their second re-launch sneaker last weekend. After the Liquid Gold Lights, they bring us the Black Nubuck LA Lights. A true throwback, they’re crafted with a black nubuck upper, the same material they used on the original light-up shoes that caused a sensation worldwide in the early ’90s.

“We wanted to follow the Liquid Gold Lights launch with a more subtle color and material, while tying back into the original design when it launched in the early ’90s,” said Lance Jackson, President of LA Gear. “This style captures both, as it is nubuck and solid black for the more conservative customer who loves the LA lights.” These also feature light-up soles, with a red and printed nylon pattern.

Superstar rapper TYGA sounded excited: “The Light-Ups are iconic, so that’s what we wanted to continue the launch with. The Golds were a limited edition, but the blacks will be our first wide release.”

They are available now at all Sheikh Shoes’ Southern California locations.

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