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Unconventional Jobs That We'd Like To Have

No matter how you think about it, we’re all a set of worker bees out here. Whether it’s a summer job at the local ice cream parlor, an entry-level position in corporate America, or the early years as manager for the garage band of the future, we all got to clock in time somewhere. However, it’s not wrong to imagine the details of that dream job — regardless of the likelihood of it actually coming together.

For all purposes of fun — and just to see how far our minds can stretch — how about we brainstorm some of the most worthwhile, slightly unlikely, yet admittedly exciting, job titles that any person would love to put on their resume. From directing music videos to babysitting a future rock star, here are 10 positions that are pretty unconventional, but might actually be possible if the odds fall in your favor. Sound off with some of your own after you see our list of dream jobs.

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