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Four Dope Brooklyn Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Our intern Jonny Katz is one of the most dedicated music-discovery fiends we’ve ever come across; for every song recommendation he circulates amongst the team you know there were at least a hundred or more which didn’t make the cut. Along with whatever other dark magic he’s using, underground music podcasts are part of his sonar-like music discovery process.

We asked him to write up his favorites, four out of five of which just happened to be based out of Brooklyn, New York, and so that's how we decided to cover it.

“I chose these because of their quality and how well they cover the scene,” he told us. “I could have chosen or googled some other ones, but I figured if I was putting my name with an article I wanted the podcasts to be really good and underground (and because I actually listen to them).”

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