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3. BEL-AIR by bel-air

This one is a little different from the others as it's not just one podcast but rather a host to a wide variety of shows. I'm choosing bel-Air because of the talent they have and because the location may be the coolest place I've ever heard of for a podcast: bel-air broadcasts out of a huge shipping container. It's as New York as you can get, and if the DJs can withstand the feeling of being trapped like stowaways crossing international waters then you may just be able to get down with the hippest crew in the podcast game. Some noteworthy shows that come out of bel-air's hq are Tic Tac Toe (soft talking in the background while they play a mix of good music you may never hear anywhere else), Buzzcuts (hosted by the band Weirdhaircutz) they interview bands and talk local music) and The Chris and Dan Show (two southern gentlemen talking life, art, culture, and playing some country music when the moment feels right).

Bel-air's schedule includes weekly, bimonthly, and monthly shows.

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