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The Most Unique 3D Printed Projects You Should Know About

A lot of what you hear about 3D printing might sound gimmicky, but it’s emerging as one of the most important advances in industrial design and considered revolutionary. Every possible avenue is being explored with the process, producing anything from detailed sculptures to airplane engine parts and usable prosthetics. Instead of paying for mass produced products, you can download the blueprints to custom-make virtually anything you need.

Able to print with a wide variety of materials and quickly becoming more affordable, 3D printing is a huge deal. With no limits in sight, doctors, scientists, designers, creatives, and even kids are pushing the technology as far as they can imagine. With a boom like this, there’s bound to be as much trash as there is treasure, but when done right, it’s a glimpse into the future of manufacturing and design. From functional to fun, here are 10 incredible examples of what can be done with 3D printing.

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