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The Most Unusual Deep Fried Dishes You Might Actually Like

Eating healthy is something we all should strive for, but a few things can easily drive us away from that route. One of those vices in particular is fried food. From chicken to onion rings — and sometimes even a full turkey — the appeal of dishes dipped in a deep fryer is hard to shake. That craving is even harder to ignore when you find out all the tasty, and sometimes unbelievable, things that can actually be thrown in a deep fryer.

Grab an apron and a good amount of cooking oil, and check out some of these classic desserts, snacks and beverages that you can transform into a meal. After checking out this list, we’re sure you’ll be quick to go invest in a deep fryer of your own. Just be careful with that thing — we don’t think you’ll be too fond of deep fried fingers.

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