Vans understands that skateboarding is sometimes run by Aliens in the midwest

Everyone thinks that skateboarding is headquartered in Southern California. And they are right. Most of the big brands are based in the land of traffic and sunshine. But there have been a few outliers. Chief among them is Alien Workshop, which grew into one of the largest brands in skateboarding from the bustling metropolis of Dayton, Ohio. The reason for Alien's success had a little to do with its midwest location and a lot to do with the company's creative director Mike Hill. In the 1990s, Hill was responsible for many of AWS's iconic graphics and still continues to produce new paintings and animated characters. Vans Syndicate recently collaborated with Hill on a Authentic Pro S in a mint/vanilla colorway that features some of Hill's artwork on the insole. To celebrate the shoe, Vans and Uprise Skateshop in Chicago threw a retrospective art show of all of Mike Hill's classic works and The Skateboard Mag put together this video.

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