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DIGGING THROUGH THE GREATS: Mr. Throwback’s Sweetest Vintage Ball Gear

People call me Mr. Throwback. It’s trademarked.

I started collecting as a kid. Every kid’s childhood bedroom is decked out with Jordan posters and jerseys and stuff like that. I probably shouldn’t tell people but I was a Jordan fan. Then I worked for the Knicks, 2004, as a statistician, which was one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever had. I worked with Walt Clyde Frazier, John Starks, and Mike Breen, who is an ESPN analyst. That was a side gig.

But the vintage, I was always collecting. I bumped into a couple of guys at Brooklyn flea who were doing it, and I was interested. I asked, “How do I do this?” They said I should do it somewhere else! [Laughs] So I ended up at Hell’s Kitchen flea market, and I fell in love with it. I was like, I need to do this full time. So I found DeKalb market, in those small shipping containers, in May of 2012. That was cool, it was more of a flea on weekends. During the week it was dead. No one promoted it and we weren’t that big in social media. Then that market closed down, they kicked us all out. I was forced to find something else. And then I stumbled upon the store here in the East Village, on 9th. I talked to the owner for three hours and she fell in love with me. She said, “The store’s yours. Call me tomorrow.” And that’s how it began.

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