You Can Play This CD Like Your Favorite Vinyl Record

This entire post may come off a bit archaic, considering both vinyl records and compact discs are things of the past. Also important to note that a good deal of music lovers out there have moved onto streaming platforms rather than digital files. However: those who haven’t lost themselves in a sea of clouds and apps might dig this new and very tangible marvel of music.

Yonatan Gat, a guitarist based in New York, has done quite a peculiar thing. For his latest release, he has created a compact disc and vinyl hybrid that is as progressive as it is a throwback. Using the lathe-cut method, he’s fashioned a plastic disc with the capability of being played both on a turntable and in a CD player.

Using an adapter you can play the track “Ascension” on a turntable due to the plastic grooves that have been cut into the disc. You can then check out “Analog Gold Rush,” the second track, by hitting up your nearest CD player.

This is pretty cool, maybe we’ll start seeing more of these hybrids popping up. You might even be able to throw one on your vertical turntable.

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