Volcom’s New Denim Line Wants To Be Your Most Life-Friendly

Today marks the next stage in the evolution of Volcom Brand Jeans. Their new line of denim offers a bevy of new fits that seek to provide skate-ready functionality while keeping up with other more fashion-focused brands. .

Their "Vorta" and "Solver" silhouettes tap into their new "Form Fit" signature style. This particular style is inspired by worn-in denim and how it takes the shape of the wearer.

Volcom has also added a number of features including hidden phone pockets to free up more space, a new two-piece coin pocket, straight waistbands for a better overall feel and look, a "V" belt loop, and a cleaner-finish interior for added comfort/less chafing.

In addition to providing various washes and materials, the new and plentiful range of Volcom denim wants folks in jeans to worry less about what they're wearing, so they can go "in pursuit of a real life happening" (that's the campaign tag). These jeans are built for skateboarding, the rigors of getting the perfect photograph, and just about anything else you can think of. Make sure you head over to Volcom to snag a pair, or three.

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