The WalkCar is Like Skateboarding on Your Trackpad

Between Segways, drifting scooters, and hover boards, walking is pretty much for plebeians. The latest (and sleekest) contribution to this wave of personal transportation devices comes in the form of WalkCar, the world’s smallest electric vehicle.

Japanese inventors at Cocoa Motors recently debuted the device, which is powered by a lithium battery and can roll up to 6.2 MPH. As seen in the video, the WalkCar can be carried in your day bag, and when you get bored of walking, it’ll automatically initiate when you step on. It responds to shifts in weight, so with just a slight lean forward, you’ll be cruising past all your haters in no time.

They’re in the CrowdFunding stage right now, and will begin processing pre-orders in October.

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