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Wanna Be Down: Famous Crews Everyone Wanted To Be a Member Of

Being independent is definitely something to be proud of, but there’s nothing wrong with having a crew to roll out with when it calls for it. If there’s anything we’ve learned from years of soaking in pop culture on film and television, it’s that there’s clearly power in numbers, be it an amateur hockey team or a school of wizards on a quest against evil. Some of these cliques were so cool that we couldn’t help imagining what it would be like to be a part of the team.

Looking back at some of the most popular squads ever assembled, it should be easy to see why we chose these 10 as the leaders of the pack. Remember the days when Zack, Trini, Kimberly, Billy and Jason ran the halls of Angel Grove High? Maybe you imagined what it would be like to spend the weekend hanging heavy with Vinny, Turtle, E and Drama. If so, we couldn’t agree more. Keep reading for a few more of the people we definitely wanted to be down with.

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