Watch Faring Purth Install Massive Paintings in an Abandoned Train Yard

On a cold and foggy winter day, in an abandoned train yard in Boston, street artist Faring Purth climbed a rusted 40-foot ladder to get to a crane. Once up there she was to hang six paintings, each 6-20 feet tall. Along for the ride was photographer Heather McGrath, who captured the installation on video.

“This is the only time these sixe pieces were captured together before she traveled across country installing them in random cities,” McGrath tells us at the end of her story. The paintings from the collection, dubbed “The Deleras,” were each installed in their own cities with one hanging in Boston, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Austin, and Oakland.

According to Purth’s site she found inspiration for the collection by drawing from old photographs, intimacy, and youth.

The collection has an eerie feel to it. The women's faces are contorted and look as if their skin is decaying, something one might associate with dark gloomy colors, but Purth uses pops of color in hues that give the women a clown-like feel. It's a little bit jarring.

Head over to Vimeo to watch the “The Deleras” and keep your eye on Faring Purth because our Friends over at Complex just named her one of the best artists to watch in 2015.

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